General Forum – 2 February 2023

The next general meeting will be at 2.00pm on Thursday February 2nd at the East Lindfield Hall. We will look at two new technologies that may impact you in the future.

1) Our media has focused on how ChatGPT will change life for students and teachers. Hilary Roberts will lead a discussion on how it might benefit us, the “tech savvy seniors of Ku-Ring-Gai”. It’s free. Try it. Come and share your experience. What did it help you with? Writing a letter of complaint? Composing a humorous poem for a grandchild? Preparing a vote of thanks speech? David Roberts, (a tech entrepreneur with 25 experience in Silicon Valley) will be on hand to answer questions.

2) Australian Banks are now supporting a new way to transfer money, called PayID. Here you transfer money by using a code specified by the money receiver. The code can be set to be either the receivers phone number, email address or ABN. CPSK is looking at introducing this as one way of receiving subscriptions and payments. Assunta Perera will describe her experience with PayID.

We will also have a demonstration of the club’s high speed photo scanner which may be of interest if you have photos you would like to digitise.

Afternoon tea will be provided.